Important frank green Pay terms

Posted by Katie Rowbottom on

 Term Use Facility The name of the overall store of funds associated to an individual product. Associate or connect The act of linking a product to the frank green Pay App, to thereby enable the product to be able to pay using the funds available in the facility (subject to the facility being unlocked and the product not being in-active.) Dis-associate or disconnect The act permanently removing the product from a given instance of the frank green Pay App, and it's facility.  After which the product can never be associated to another frank green Pay App, either the prior or...

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Can I manage my individual Next Generation product?

Posted by Katie Rowbottom on

You can manage your individual Next Generation product by opening the App and heading to ‘Manage smart payment devices’. From here, you can turn Visa payWave on or off and change the nickname of your product. You can also delete any Next Generation products if you’ve lost them.

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