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Your Next Generation product shouldn’t be faulty. Let’s remedy this! It could be a simple fix, so make sure you try the below first:

  1. Confirm that you have downloaded the frank green Pay App and completed the registration process. During these steps you will connect your product to the frank green Pay App.
  2. Confirm the product is associated to your App.
  3. Open the App and under ‘Managed by Devices’, check to see that the serial number in the App matches your product (the serial number can be found by looking inside at the base of your product).
  4. If there is no product in your app, connect the smart product to the App using the “Add Device” option found under the “Manage smart payment devices” function found on the home screen in the app. - simply scan the smart product QR code (you can find this in the base of your smart product).
  5. Check that your smart product is not set to ‘inactive’. This status can be found under the ‘Manage smart payment devices’ function found on the home screen in the Zpp
  6. Check you have sufficient available funds (this will need to exceed the transaction you are trying to complete).

If none of this works, contact us at with your product’s QR code or call frank green on +61 (0) 3 9690 6877 during 9am to 5pm AEST and our team will assist you.