10 Minutes With Our Creative Director

We sat down with our Creative Director Paul Troon to pick his brain about our four new limited edition colours. Read on to learn all about how you can use colour to express yourself and to find inspiration for mixing and matching our new limited edition colours with our signature core colours.

Tell us a bit each new colour and the inspiration behind this collection?

Inspiration is everywhere and style is at the core of everything we do at frank green. Style is a bit of a loaded word as people often use style and fashion interchangeably, but they are actually quite different. Style is enduring and transcends fashion. It’s also how we carry ourselves and treat each other. The new limited edition colours are a reflection of what I have been seeing in the world every day, from different cultures, right down to the runways where these colours have become a staple. Our customers are always asking for colours we don’t yet have and it’s so much fun listening to them and bringing them to life.

What does colour mean to you?

Colour can be hugely important to us as human beings - our ability to sense it, interpret it and to be simply surrounded by it - it’s everywhere we exist. I’m endlessly fascinated with colour theory and how it can affect our mood and change our perception of a situation, place or even time of day. The range itself gives me the ability to express myself in ways I haven’t been able to previously which I find incredibly exciting.

What does colour mean to frank green?

People love choice, and colour is at the very heart of that for our customers. Their ability to mix and match in new and unexpected ways enables them to personalise each product and make it a reflection of who they are - and be sustainable at the same time! We love that being sustainable and looking great don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

How did the campaign come to life?

Emotion is such a key aspect of who we are and underpins every campaign we undertake - choosing the perfect colour taps into emotion in a way that we wanted to create four unique ‘worlds’ that paint a picture of what each of the colours could represent - a choose your own adventure!

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to find a frank green colour to match their style?

Colour is SUCH a personal choice and expression of who we are as individuals, but it also allows us to experiment and try things on to find the ‘one’ - if it looks and feels great, you’re more inclined to use it every day, over and over (and over!) again - we want to make living sustainably effortless and look great while you’re doing it! My advice is to experiment and try something new - colour should be fun.

Quick Fire Questions

If the colour 'Chocolate' were a person, what would be their ultimate first date?

Absolutely somewhere with soft lighting and chic interiors - this colour is understated style!

Atomic Red is planning an overseas trip; where do you think they're headed?

It would have to be a food adventure - Serbia for the creamiest red pepper avjar, San Sebastian for pintxos, and Seoul for the most delicious tteokbokki…

What does Evergreen do for fun on the weekends?

Evergreen loves trying new things, so that might be a bit of scrap booking, meditation or cycling to a new spot for some adventure.

Sweet Peach is attending a dinner party; what dish does it bring?

Something unexpected, Sweet Peach has electric energy that could see it bringing a tangy som tum papaya salad or a plate of the freshest fruit drizzled with pomegranate molasses and shredded basil.

Which frank green colour combination are you reaching for the most, and why?

The thing I love about the new colours is that they mix and match so incredibly well with each other and also our signature core colours too - I’m amazed at how easily these four new colours allow you to create surprising new combinations, but Chocolate with Sweet Peach is currently my go to.

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