Reusable Cups

Reusable cups designed to retain temperature and maintain flavour so that your drink always tastes just as your barista intended.
Find your perfect reusable cup

Introducing the ultimate iced tea or hot coffee companion - the frank green reusable cup. Whether you're a lover of hot or cold brews, this cup is right there with you. Made with premium, sustainable materials, our reusable iced coffee cup is designed to keep your drink at the perfect temperature for hours on end, whether you’re lazing by the pool, hopping on the train, or readying yourself for work. Plus, our reusable cup comes with a straw, making it even easier to sip and stride. 

Tired of finding your mug in the hands of a colleague, sibling, or friend? Banish those bandits with personalisation power. Enjoy easy monogramming so everyone will know who that coffee tumbler belongs to—quick, efficient and forever yours. Congrats, your reusable coffee cup is personalised!

Take it a step further by choosing the colours of each section of your cup, from the award-winning push button lid, through to the base and button. A custom reusable coffee cup has never looked this good (if we do say so ourselves!).

Where to buy a reusable coffee cup

You can find reusable cups almost anywhere, from the local supermarket to high-end specialist stores. But if you’re looking for durable, long lasting reusable coffee cups, we do love our collection at frank green. Our stainless steel cups have been specially designed to withstand accidental drops, be a cinch to clean, and keep your drink hot or cold for hours. From ceramic lining to triple-wall vacuum insulation, we think the best reusable coffee cup for pure flavour, insulation and longevity, sits within our very own collection.

Why are reusable coffee cups good for the environment

Single-use cups—even those made from paper—often have a plastic lining and other elements that make them difficult to recycle. But it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact, reusable cups are a great solution for giving the planet a helping hand. By sipping from the same cup each day, you’re minimising your carbon footprint and reducing waste, and that’s something to celebrate—perhaps with a sneaky coffee?

Are reusable cups better?

Are reusable cups really better for the environment? Yes, especially stainless steel reusable cups. But are they better for taste, longevity and value? Also, yes. Especially when yours is triple-wall vacuum insulated, you’ll be sipping all day long—well after a disposable cup would have hit the bin.

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