Making waves with Parley for the Oceans!

To further our mission in reducing single-use plastic waste and protecting our environment, we're raising funds for Parley for the Oceans! A global environmental organisation and network that is on a mission to protect our oceans from plastic pollution and other major threats.

So far, our amazing community has raised $21,000 for Parley for the Oceans! Nice work.

Adding a donation at cart will directly support their projects focused on community education, plastic interception, material science and eco-innovation.

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Who is Parley for the Oceans?

We’re glad you asked! Parley is a global environmental organisation and network where creators, thinkers and leaders take action to protect the oceans against major threats.

Did you know that every second breath we take is generated by the oceans? Scientists estimate that roughly half of the oxygen production on Earth comes from the ocean. Inspired by this, Parley devised a simple strategy that has been adopted by individuals, businesses and governments to address the fast-growing threat of plastic pollution. The Parley AIR Strategy stands for three pillars of action: AVOID plastic wherever possible, INTERCEPT plastic waste, and REDESIGN material, methods and mindsets.

Parley’s Australian team, based in Cairns, operates along the Great Barrier Reef and beyond to conduct cleanups, conservation and education — working in some of the most remote and fragile ecosystems on the continent.


The Parley Global Cleanup Network

Every country faces a unique set of challenges in responding to the plastic crisis. To empower change-makers on the front lines, Parley formed a global alliance which works to remove plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, rivers, mangroves and high seas, and intercept ocean-bound plastics in coastal communities.

But it's not just about cleaning up! Together with its partners, supporters and volunteers, Parley responds to plastic emergencies, raises awareness, and develops and implements programs that can help end the cycle of pollution through the Parley AIR Strategy. With your contribution, Parley can accelerate and expand all of these initiatives.

And guess what? You can help! By adding a $1 donation to cart, you'll directly fund Parley's projects on coastal cleanups, raising awareness and implementing education programs.


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