Match your personality to your frank green

Still searching for the colour combination that feels like you? We’re here to help and give you some inspiration. Keep scrolling to see our current top combination picks in our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle and who they are perfect for.


Chocolate & Blushed

Does your ideal Saturday consist of strolling through art museums? Are you a connoisseur of theatre productions and upbeat jazz music? If so, our Chocolate and Blushed colour pairing is made for your sophisticated palette. Much like your appreciation for timeless art and music, this classic colour match up exudes elegance and delight! This combination is sure to become a beloved classic, cherished for years to come.



Atomic Red & Neon Pink

Are you the go-to friend for the latest trends and hottest spots in town, the one who effortlessly turns heads and lights up any party? Do you thrive on being at the forefront of what's new and exciting? If this sounds like you, then we've discovered your perfect match! Our bold combination of Atomic Red with Neon Pink is made for the confident, spotlight-loving individual who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. This dazzling duo promises to make a statement wherever you go!


Evergreen & Sky Blue

Are you the idealist of your friend group who always has the next big idea? Do you love to explore and maintain an invigorating outlook on life? Well, if you are lovingly referred to as a day-dreamer and always seek out new experiences, our enchanting combination of Evergreen with Sky Blue is for you. Designed for those who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and who want to infuse their daily routines with a dreamy vibe, this pairing will keep you inspired.


Sweet Peach & Neon Orange

If your friends constantly ask if you ever run out of energy, our electric Sweet Peach and vibrant Neon Orange combination is made for you. With its bold and lively hues, this dynamic pairing is ideal for those who exude brightness and fun! Sweet Peach with Neon Orange is the ideal colour combination to match your vibrant spirit and add an extra pop of zest to your life.

Found your match? Shop our new colour combinations and have your vibe reflected in our signature 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle. Choose a combination that aligns with your personality and elevates your style.


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