Our April Fools Joke: Tap Tube!

Did you catch our April Fools Joke? We had a bit of fun and 'announced' a new revolutionary product: Tap Tube! The only catch was... it isn't a real product. Read more about the revolutionary Tap Tube below.

After decades of research and development, we’re thrilled to finally announce our newest product Tap Tube! Our most innovative hydration solution yet.  It was born out of listening to social media comments like: ‘what are these emotional support water bottles?’, ‘why are people always carrying their frank green around?’ and the classic ‘Back in my day, we just drank water from the tap’. We want you to know, we heard you and we think you’re really going to love Tap Tube.

Here are just some of the groundbreaking features you’ll love about this newcomer:


Universally fits all taps

You won’t know what ‘on the go’ hydration is until you try this. Designed to universally fit all taps across Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and most of Europe (excl. Lichtenstein), Tap Tube will easily keep you hydrated when you’re out and about or you’ve simply run out of glasses because you haven’t washed the dishes in a week. 

Easy connect

Designed with an innovative seal function (patent pending), this new product easily connects to any tap for quick hydration. Whether you’re out for a morning run and find a garden tap, or at the office and need a drink from your office kitchen tap, we’ve got you sipping with ease. 

Signature colours 

Tap Tube will be available in all signature frank green colours including: Mint Gelato, Blushed, Cloud, and of course Lilac Haze. So you can mix and match it to your style or personality!

Three sizes

Tap Tube will be available in three handy sizes: 30cm, 60cm and a 1km size (so you can attach it and go on your morning walk around the block). From giving you the original Emotional Support Water Bottle to launching Tap Tube, frank green is so excited to continue to revolutionise the hydration industry for our customers. 

Get ready to tap into a new way of drinking! Tap Tube Launching 2 April 2024.