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In the market for a chic new look for your fur baby? Want a collar that suits their personality and keeps them safe at the same time? No problem - give Fido or FiFi a next-level glow-up with frank green’s range of beautiful pet collars! We’re all about style, so our collars come in a range of colours that can be mixed and matched with our Pet Leads. Whether they’re a chilled out pet that would ooze sophistication in a Mint Gelato, or a wild style queen that would rock a Neon Orange, there’s a colour combo to suit every pet personality. Our pet collars are made from durable materials—such as premium silicone reinforced webbing strap, solid stainless steel D-ring and zinc alloy hardware—that stand up to anything your pet throws at it; whether that’s wrestling with their friends or finding something unspeakable to roll in (did we mention they’re easy to clean?). And because felines are into some intense cat-robatics, our cat collars are designed to stretch for an easy escape, should they entangle themselves on a fence (or vertical blinds… or holiday decorations…).


No need for a separate name tag either—monogram their name front and centre on the strong zinc alloy hardware, with your number on the back! And because words sometimes aren’t enough, you can monogram an emoji to capture their own unique flair. And if your furry prince or princess likes to go a-wandering? Snap up one of our Pet Safety Lights or Apple AirTag® + Holders (why not both?) for added peace of mind. Finding Nemo was hard, finding Fido—easy peasy!


Why are pet collars important?

The outside world is chock full of smells, sights, and distractions (squirrel!) that can  prove impossible for your furry friend to resist. The temptations can be too much even for the most loyal and obedient pet. A pet collar plays an important role in helping you find them should they get loose in the wide world. A monogrammed collar means you can do away with those tags that can be scratched off or lost. So if their curious nature gets the better of them, personalised pet collars are the perfect way to help them find their way back home. And with frank green’s range of bright and personalised collars (that can be mixed and matched with their frank green Pet Lead), they’ll always look paws-itively stylish too!


Should pets wear collars?

Both cats and dogs benefit from collars—it’s the first port of call for details if they are found while out wandering. As cats are basically acrobats, they’re more likely to get caught on things like branches or fences. For this reason, our cat collars have been specially designed to allow for a quick escape should they land themselves in a compromising position. Adding a bell will give wildlife a quick heads up that they’re around, too. For pups, a nice strong collar will help keep them where they’re supposed to be, even post swims, mud treks and dirt rolls. And when their collars are made from high-quality materials, like reinforced silicone webbing strap and durable zinc alloy hardware, you know they’ll last for years to come. If you’ve got a pooch who’s a serial escapist, pet collars with names and phone number monograms mean there’s no tag necessary to break off or lose. It’s the perfect fallback plan to keep them safe in case they—in the words of Freddy Mercury—want to break free. Pet collars and tags don’t have to be boring with frank green. Up your pet’s style game with a range of emojis to accompany their monogrammed name, from relaxing palm trees to magic margaritas!


Why choose a frank green pet collar?

Stylish, comfortable, durable, hard-wearing and—for those feisty felines—allow for quick escape if they get tangled, frank green’s pet collars have all angles covered. Easy to fit, remove and clean, it’s easy to keep Fido or FiFi looking their best. Even if your pet’s favourite song is The Great Escape, our monogrammed pet collars will make sure they’re easily identifiable should they side-step to freedom. Or take it to the next level with an Apple AirTag® + holder and track them down effortlessly, wherever they are—you needn’t even set down your Travel Mug.

Made with solid zinc alloy and stainless steel hardware, and engineered for style, comfort and easy cleaning (and let’s not forget mixing and matching with their favourite Pet Lead), frank green designer pet collars are built to withstand the rough and tumble, while looking fabulous year after year.


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