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Combining fresh food with even fresher design, our containers for food storage make mealtime a breeze. They’re beautiful, functional and best of all—they look great in any kitchen, no more hiding containers away in cupboards!

Store tea, coffee or your favourite snack in one of our insulated food containers, which are ceramic lined to lock in freshness and flavour. Their triple-wall vacuum insulation also keeps your favourite snacks as toasty or chilled as they need to be for hours on end—or just pop them in the pantry (or fridge) for long-lasting freshness.  

Or why not keep your lunch and snacks separate with a set of Bento Boxes? Skip the queue at your local takeaway and create a balanced meal right at your desk or table – rice or pasta in one compartment, veggies in the other. Pack hot and cold food together without losing an ounce of flavour. Delicious lunch your way? Coming right up! 

Equally packable and portable are frank green’s fridge storage containers, including sleek Stainless Steel Bowls and polished Porcelain Bowls. Stack them in the fridge or make them your lunchtime companion—either way your mates will be (frank) green with envy! Turn last night’s fried rice into fine dining, thanks to our smart venting system and heat-proof silicone seals. 

With sleek lines and striking colours, our food storage containers also make a fresh and stylish statement. Match them with your outfit, your kitchen décor or with your other favourite frank green bottles and accessories. Get your name monogrammed on the front so your home and work fam know it’s yours.


How to store food

To ensure peak freshness, it's best to pop food in an airtight storage food container made from food-grade materials. Here’s a breakdown of basic food staples and how long they tend to last in an airtight food container: 



  • Cooked rice: 1-2 days 
  • Cooked pasta: 2 days 
  • Stews/meats/casseroles: 2-3 days 
  • Cooked poultry: 3 days 


  • Cakes/cookies/muffins: 1 week 
  • Ground coffee: 1-2 weeks 
  • Cereal: Approx. 2 months  
  • Tea: Up to a year 

frank green’s own range of reusable food storage is specially insulated to preserve the temperature, flavour and aroma of your food, offering a stylish and functional alternative that’s also kind to the planet. Whether it’s leftovers in the fridge or food on the go, your frank green food storage is right there with you.


What is the best type of food storage?

The best type of food storage is tough, lightweight, easy to clean and doesn’t absorb flavours and smells. Think ceramic, stainless steel, glass or even silicone.  

frank green’s own range of airtight food storage containers combine ceramic and stainless steel to ensure peak freshness and less fuss, along with triple-wall vacuum insulation to keep food either piping hot or nice and cool. Never again will you have to worry about cold and flavourless leftovers by the time lunch rolls around!


Where to buy food storage containers

Storage for food can be bought just about anywhere, but if you’re after high-quality food storage that balances style and functionality, frank green’s got you (and your food) covered!

There’s something for everyone: insulated food containers with a tight seal for fresh coffee and bickies for afternoon tea, bento boxes for taking both hot and cold foods on the go and assembling the perfect midday meal, and Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes with smart venting systems to help make last night’s stir fry taste like it came straight out of the pan! 


Why is it important to store food correctly?

Storing food correctly helps to keep it fresh—helping prevent food waste and ensuring it’s still good to eat within the correct time period. With a well-insulated storage container, you’ll be able to enjoy that leftover spaghetti or chow down on that chow mein without a care in the world!  

As long as you wash your storage containers after use and eat your favourite foods within their use-by date, you’ll be able to enjoy your meals without worry.


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