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Looking for a gift for someone who loves coffee or tea? At frank green, we know tea and coffee are serious business. So a coffee or tea gift is always a winner, satisfying our inner barista while helping the planet along the way. We have a latte to offer when it comes to stylish and sustainable accessories for coffee and tea lovers, including tea or coffee gift sets, tea scoops, loose leaf teaFrench presses and much more.  

Treat yourself or a friend to a brew-tiful frank green French press, ceramic-lined to contain that rich aroma and featuring triple-wall vacuum insulation to keep it piping hot. An integrated stainless steel plunger also ensures that each sip of Fairtrade coffee is smoother than the last - a sentiment any mate will appreciate!    

Keep sustainable tea bags, tea leaves or coffee grounds in one of our insulated containers, sealing in temperature and flavour. Buy one for home or one for work to store those delicious afternoon snacks, along with a frank green reusable cup, available in a range of bright and beautiful colours. 

How to make loose leaf tea

Good things come to those who wait—especially with loose leaf tea! The art of brewing tea with loose leaves is a lot like drinking the beverage itself: soothing and done at a nice, measured pace. Here is how to brew your perfect cup:

  1. Assemble your implements, including a kettle, infuser, tea scoop and your favourite mug or frank green reusable cup. Choose your preferred loose leaf tea (we love our Zen Black flavour—but they’re all delish!) and measure out with your scoop (around 1 teaspoon should do the trick)  
  2. Boil water and preheat your mug, which will help retain temperature while steeping. 
  3. Put tea leaves in your infuser and place into your mug or cup, then add hot water and let your tea steep for 1-5 minutes. 
  4. Once ready, take out the infuser or re-steep, if needed.  

Loose leaf tea can make a fantastic gift for tea lovers, with a range of flavours to ignite the senses (or put them to sleep) including PeppermintZen Black and Immunity Tea. 

How long does loose leaf tea last?

Generally, loose leaf tea can last for up to a year, though different tea varieties will offer varying shelf lives. For example, black tea can stay fresh for up to 2 years, while peppermint can last around a year. If you’re ever unsure, check the packaging. Proper tea storage can have a huge impact on flavour and taste. Too much moisture can result in leaves absorbing a lot of water, which can leave your tea tasting a lot weaker than it once was. Low humidity, however, can cause leaves to dry out and taste stale – that’s one way to spoil the sereni-tea!  

To keep tea tasting flavourful and fresh, store your leaves in an airtight container. Like a sponge, leaves can also absorb strong odours, which can affect the way your cuppa tastes and smells, so make sure to store your container in a cool, dry place.

What is the best tea and coffee canister?

The best tea and coffee canisters have airtight seals to lock in freshness, are made from strong materials, are thoughtfully designed and look beautiful. We’re pretty partial to our collection of tea and coffee storage (if we do say so!). They’re sleek, sustainable and seal in all that delicious flavour to make that first sip (and every sip after that) incredible. Featuring triple-wall vacuum insulation and ceramic lining, this preserves the temperature and aroma of your loose tea leaves or coffee grounds and helps lock in the flavour.  

Airtight, made from stainless steel in a range of colours, and built from thoughtful design makes our range of insulated storage easy to show off. Keep on your countertop, your kitchen table or proudly up on the shelf, adding a burst of colour to your cuppa while giving your décor a modern touch.

What is organic tea?

Organic tea is a little cup of heaven. It's filled with all the good stuff—rich in antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals to keep you feelin’ good. Organic tea is all-natural, grown and processed without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Farmers instead rely on methods like crop rotation and composting to grow tea leaves, and when harvested, are either dried, rolled, heated or oxidised, depending on the type. Organic tea is popular among health-conscious consumers for its wide array of delicious flavours and health benefits. It can help boost your immune system, reduce stress, aid digestion and put a little pep in your step, offering a natural burst of energy to get you through the day! Why not try some of our handpicked, Certified Organic and Fairtrade Immunity Teafor that added boost.

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