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Are you a self-proclaimed foodie? Now you can elevate your lunchbox game for beauty, function and convenience with our sleek Stainless Steel Bowls with Glass Lids. Didn’t think you could keep your food hot (or chilled) and enjoy the full flavour of every bite, while perfectly synchronising your aesthetic? Whatever your outfit, your frank green Stainless Steel Bowl is right there with you. Great-tasting food deserves a great-looking lunch box, so why not have it customised to suit your tastes? Choose from a range of colours, including Blushed and cool Midnight Black, to coordinate your workday look from all angles.


A great alternative to single-use, our stainless steel container is tough, lightweight and built to last through many servings of soup, salad or spag bol (oh my!). Make last night’s leftovers your gourmet lunchtime delicacy with the help of our smart venting system and soft-touch silicone seal. Its double-wall stainless steel design is not only stylish, but helps retain temperature, so your delicious treats will stay as hot or as cold as necessary at home, at work, or wherever you go! Quick tip: They make a great side-kick for the bento box or frank green insulated food container too. 


Tired of that cluttered container drawer? Our Stainless Steel Bowls come in two practical sizes, allowing for easy nesting to open up more storage options. And when you’re done, just give ‘em a quick wash and pop them in your kitchen cupboard. All clean and clutter-free - who doesn’t love the sound of that?  


What are the benefits of a stainless steel lunch box?

A frank green Stainless Steel Bowl comes packed with all sorts of good stuff: 

  • Sleek design to show off: Our award-winning design offers both style and functionality. Tuck into lunch and look good while doing it! 
  • Airtight and packed for freshness: Keeps those meals (and fruit and veg) nice and fresh throughout the day thanks to our smart venting system and heat-proof silicone seal. 
  • Lightweight and durable: Carry it from the car to the office without 
  • breaking a sweat (or your lunch box—even with a sudden drop)! 
  • Compact and classic: Stack like a chic nesting doll when not in use. 
  • Good for your food and the planet: Our food container in stainless steel is made from recyclable materials, and 0% plastic—a great option for your food and the planet.

Is it OK to store food in stainless steel containers?

It’s A-OK to store food in a stainless steel container, in fact, it is completely safe for storing your consumables. Stainless steel keeps food warm and fresh for longer (think: fresh hot pizza or deliciously cold, crisp salad). Not only is it great for maintaining your food at a safe temperature, it’s also incredibly easy to clean time after time. And—like you needed any other reason—a stainless steel food container is not just good for your health by being easy to clean, but good for the environment, too. It’s recyclable and able to be safely disposed of and repurposed after years of use. 


Why use a stainless steel lunch box?

One of the big benefits of a stainless steel lunch box is it can be used again and again… and again (you get it)! Tough, highly durable and resistant to rust, stainless steel food containers are greener-than-green when it comes to sustainable materials. They can withstand high temperatures, so food is still nice and warm or super chill by the time lunch rolls around. And because stainless steel has such a long lifespan, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh lunches for years to come. Match it up with your stylish reusable cup and you’re laughing!

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