Dog Collar Lead Set

Find the perfect dog collar and lead set

Ready to make Rover the style icon of the dog park? A Dog Leash and Collar Set from frank green will do the trick (while Rover does his!). Full of fun features, the option of customising with wearable accessories and the choice of monogramming their name and your phone number, this set is a must-wear for any fashion-conscious Fido. Created for style, durability and longevity (not to mention sustainability), this set is sure to be a pawsitively drool-worthy addition to your pet's wardrobe. 

From your pampered Princess to off-road Otis, there’s no need to cramp their style. Elevate their street sense with colour options to suit any kind of pooch – mix and match their collar and the lead base and strap to create a one-of-a-kind statement. Whether you have a large dog or a small dog, a Collar and Lead Set is sure to turn heads. And paw-rents will love the handy Pet Poo Bag Holder, making clean-ups on the go super easy!

Got a Houdini on your hands? Our leashes are made from a premium reinforced silicone webbing strap with a flexible poly-coating, so your escape artist will have nowhere to go but stay safely within your stride. And for peace of mind, you can even add an Apple AirTag® holder for extra tracking should they manage to escape the yard. If Fido’s outside at night, attach a Pet Safety Light for those evening walks, or just so you always know where he is. Enjoy pet products that are high-quality, stylish and put the ‘fun’ in functional (we think so, anyway!). A personalised Dog Collar and Lead Set from frank green is crafted with your pet and the planet in mind. 


Why get a matching dog collar and lead set?

Your furry BFF deserves a Dog Collar and Leash Set that’s as unique as they are. Far from a yawn-worthy one-size-fits-all gift set, now you can explore a world of possibilities for every pooch. Mix and match to find the perfect colour combo; with eight stylish shades to choose from—whether it’s for the Poo Bag Holder, lead components or collar. Pick your own or try our randomiser to play a little colour roulette. Whether your precious pooch fancies herself a princess, or your dapper doggo rocks refined style, there’s an option for every good boy and girl. 


What is included in the dog lead and collar set?

With a frank green Dog Collar and Lead Set you’ll get everything you need for a fashionable frolic fresh-out-of-the-box. 

Along with suave street style and mass appeal, you get:

  • Our designer-approved pet lead, made of soft-touch material and chrome-plated detailing. It’s waterproof and easy-to-clean for even the most rugged adventures.
  • Our super-comfy pet collar with in-built tag for stylishly monogramming their name and your phone number (especially handy for those escape artists)
  • Our pet poo bag holder for easy mess-disposal on the go.

You can also add optional extras like:

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