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Want to rock those dog walks in style and bring more colour to the streets? Then one of frank green’s fetching dog leads is sure to make heads turn! Our leads are easily customisable, so whether it’s an insta-worthy neon pink dog leash kinda party, or a more muted black dog leash event, both you and your pooch can nail the mood every time. You can even mix the lead and handle for a show-stopping combo, or match it to their pet collar

Keep forgetting whose leash is whose? Monogram your fur baby’s name so you’ll never mix them up again. Add an emoji to match their pet-sonality and you’ve got yourself a lead your pup will proudly wear.

Gripping a leash on those long strolls can get tiresome for your hands. Soothe them with a smooth and comfortable leash grip. With the sturdiness of a reinforced webbing strap and stainless steel chrome-plated hardware, your dog leash will keep Fido safely by your side, while keeping you comfortable. When it’s time to run wild at the dog park, it’s a breeze to unclip the safety lock to unleash those high-speed zoomies! 

At frank green we’re always looking for ways to pair clever design with functionality, which is why we’ve left room on our leads for handy add-ons such as our Pet Poo Bag Holder and Pet Treat Holder. Running short on either will be a thing of the past!


What type of lead is best for a dog?

There’s no shortage of dog leads out there, so it all comes down to your preference: whether it’s in the material used, the length, its stylish design, or the ability to match the strength of a Great Dane. So when looking for the best dog lead, if strength, comfort and style are important to you, then we’re pretty partial to our Pet Lead collection! Not only are frank green dog leads easy to clean and practical, they’re also fully customisable to fit in with your - and your dog’s - lifestyle. 


What is the difference between a dog leash and a lead?

While the terms dog leashes and leads tend to be used interchangeably, they’re technically a little bit different. While both refer to the ‘rope’ that attaches to a dog’s collar, a lead is technically for walkies, while a leash is for restraint (staysies!). But whether you call it a leash or lead, for dogs, you can’t go past frank green for style, safety, and comfort (if we do say so ourselves). Your dog will look pawsitively fetching either way!


What is the best length for a dog lead?

The best length dog leash really depends on your dog’s temperament and where you walk your furry friend. A standard dog leash is about 180cm long, and gives your adventurous puppy enough freedom to explore without the leash dragging in the dirt (or needing to roll it up in your hand a whole bunch). A long dog leash allows more freedom, but if your dog’s a bit of a flight risk a shorter lead may be more beneficial. A short dog leash is great at keeping your best friend safe when there’s traffic around, and will make it easier to wind your way through crowds. On the downside, these short leashes can be restrictive on your pooch, who wants to smell all the things!

Our frank green leashes measure 175 cm long, which we’ve found is the perfect length for those everyday trips, whether it’s out on the street or to the beach or dog park—enough space to let Fido explore, while short enough to maintain easy callback and control. Plus, they’re easier on the planet—what more could you ask for?


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